Links Aug 14

Risk-Mining the Public Exchequer David Quentin
A major contribution to the debate on tax avoidance. See also comment from Tax Research UK here, and David Quentin’s blog here.

How To Launder Money Like a Chinese Billionaire Huffington Post

Asset tracing: Follow the money swissinfo / Financial Times
“Establishing the true beneficial owner of the asset – that’s the hardest part of asset tracing”

Switzerland confirms India’s data sharing request swissinfo

India: Black money: Suspect accounts of 600 Indians under probe The Times of India

IMF Calls On Philippines To Reduce Tax Exemptions Tax-News

Brazil: Petrobras-linked money-laundering probe spreads to banks Bloomberg
The $4.4 billion of alleged laundering includes cash from Brazilians seeking to evade tax authorities.

What happens to people’s willingness to pay tax when the richest dodge their responsibilities?

FATCA: U.S. Expats Sue Over Canadian Deal to Tell Washington About Their Accounts Wall Street Journal

Obama Won’t Return Money From Tax Deals He Dislikes Bloomberg

20 big profitable U.S. companies paid no taxes USA Today

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