Links Aug 11

Tax dodging won’t be curbed until poorest countries have a fairer say The Guardian

India: Black money pursuit: Switzerland amends key law on foreign requests The Economic Times

Calling All Money Laundering Wonks – U.S. Treasury Seeks Comment on Rule to Keep Dirty Money Out of U.S. Banks Global Witness

25 years Tax holiday granted to Kenyan company in Tanzania NTV Uganda

Nigeria: U.S Takes Over U.S. $480 Million Abacha Loot Daily Independent / allAfrica

UK government to quit Swiss tax abuse Tax Research UK

New Zealand: French bank has to pay $18.4m back tax The Australian

How Bank of America Benefits From a $16 Billion Settlement Newsweek
Fines are tax deductible, and the offshore subsidiaries help.

Inversions Aside, Don’t Lose Sight of Other Ways Corps. Are Dodging Taxes Citizens for Tax Justice
See also: A Corporate Tax Break That’s Closer to Home The New York Times, and Medtronic hires lobby group for Irish tax move  Irish Independent

How to investigate Russia’s shady corporate world online ICIJ

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