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Sanctions on Russia: The Unintended Consequence The Banker’s Umbrella
A private banker’s view. “Make no mistake, this is what private banks crave like vampires crave blood.” See also Russia Considers Going Progressive… When It Comes To Tax Forbes, and Russian FM Provides Anti-Offshore Law Update Tax-News

CSOs Task Obama, African Governments on Transparency This Day Live
African civil society calls for US oil & mining transparency rule in line with EU standard. See also: Open Letter to President Obama from African Civil Society Publish What You Pay

Kofi Annan: The next steps for Africa to meet its potential The Washington Post
Calls for promoting the global standards needed to prevent tax evasion.

Switzerland’s Financial Identity Crisis: The Slow Death of a Secretive Tax Haven International Business Times

Mauritius Investments Into India Drop Below 10% AFK Insider

LexisNexis® Guide to FATCA Compliance (Chapter 1, Background and Current Status of FATCA) Social Science Research Network
Hat tip: TaxProf.

WSJ: Inversions Cut Corporation’s Taxes, Raise Shareholders’ Taxes TaxProf

Close loopholes that let U.S. firms avoid taxes by using inversions LA Times

Why is the City of London so clueless about Britain? Treasure Islands

HSBC is looking for sympathy after reporting a $12.3 billion profit Quartz

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