Links Jul 9

New Bank Leak Shows How Rich Exploit Tax Haven Loopholes ICIJ
See also: Offshore secrets of the UK’s wealthy political donors The Guardian

Black money trail: No list of Indians holding money in Swiss banks, says Arun Jaitley Financial Express
See also: Delhi searches for wealth in overseas tax havens The Daily Star

Vulture Funds Must Disappear From The Financial System LatinDadd

Tanzania: Getting a good deal from natural gas? mtega
Hat tip: Global Witness

Data exchange to combat tax evasion seen affecting Hong Kong private banks South China Morning Post

How to Win Billions in Federal Contracts on a Permanent Tax Holiday Bloomberg

Progress made in effort to stop tech companies’ tax rorting

Ireland Taking Steps To Protect Tax Regime’s Reputation Tax-News

Greece Announces Gas, Oil Exploration Tax Break Tax-News

Islands (or how to play dirty and get away with it)
A new play by award-winning Caroline Horton, blogged recently here

Marketed tax planning schemes are ‘doomed’ in UK, but individual planning will survive STEP

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