Links Jul 8

Key IMF policy paper released on tax havens and development European Institute for International Law and International Relations
See also our recent blog on the IMF report here.

Make ‘Justified’ Requests Swiss Banks Tell India Business Insider
And to compare and contrast: Swiss banks threaten freeze on US accounts over tax evasion Financial Times (paywall)

Bangladesh: Consensus among parties to stop illicit financial flow stressed The Financial Express

U.S. Scrutiny for Banks Shifts to Commerzbank and Germany Dealb%k

EU widens tax investigation into multinationals RTE

Ireland Engaging In International Tax Talks Tax-News
However, “a change to Ireland’s corporate tax policy is off the cards, according to Eamon Gilmore, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade.”
See also: Apple tax probe could spark off five-year battle as Government vows to protect
Ireland’s economic interests Irish Independent

When Taxes and Profits Are Oceans Apart The New York Times

Acquirers Plot Escape From a Turn on Taxes The Wall Street Journal
Merger agreements’ fine print on inversions shows just how important tax benefits are in many overseas deals. See also Positively un-American tax dodges Fortune

British taxpayers underwrote deals worth £140m by firm based in Cayman Islands The Independent

“Profitless” Amazon Myth Lives On Thanks To Lazy Financial Media Periodot

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