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Africa: Regional integrated tax systems needed to curb illicit financial flows New Vision
See also: Why Africa Must be at Heart of Global Tax Reforms

Switzerland Agrees Tax Regime Review With EU Tax-News

IMF Urges Caribbean To Cooperate, Not Compete Tax-News
Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director, says: “By definition, a race to the bottom leaves everybody at the bottom.”. See also our page on “Race to the Bottom” here.

Russian authorities to offer tax amnesty for offshore companies Russia Beyond the Headlines

Egypt’s richest man sentenced to prison for tax evasion Global Construction Review

Renzi Pressed to Put Google, Facebook Taxes on EU Agenda Bloomberg

Will the EU’s new anti-money laundering rules have teeth? Eu Observer

BVI: Premier signs tax-information agreement with Japan BVI Beacon
Described as “a move designed to bolster the reputation of the territory’s financial services.” Read here for resources on information exchange, and to understand why multilateral and automatic information exchange is needed, rather than bi-lateral and on-request.

India: Swiss money trail leads to gold and diamonds Business Today

Britain is a corporate tax haven – that’s why US firms are keen to uproot The Guardian

The days of banking blind are long gone Moneyweb
See also: An opportunity missed rather than a case settled Financial Times (paywall), and BNP fine sparks calls for cultural change Financial Times – BNP compliance officers repeatedly warned senior execs that the bank was breaking US law, and Swiss finance heavyweight slams BNP Paribas fine swissinfo

After BNP, U.S. targets range of firms in crackdown on illicit money flows Reuters

UK: Red faces at Serious Fraud Office over taxman’s fine The Independent

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New research on key role major economies play in global tax avoidance

offshore-network_colorcorrectedAn important new study on Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs) from the University of Amsterdam has made some fascinating discoveries, challenging, as the Financial Secrecy Index has, the popular misconception that tax havens are only palm fringed little islands and exposing that in fact major economies play a key role in global tax avoidance. Specifically they’ve […]


Launch of international research collaboration, #AltAusterity

alt austerityToday is the launch of #AltAusterity, a new, international research collaboration of which Tax Justice Network is a partner.  The project aims to stimulate public debate on the subject of austerity though high quality research. It is a response to the lack of evidence which has underpinned the current policy agenda on austerity. The project […]


RB tax avoidance – company calls for public country by country reporting after Oxfam report reveals profit shifting

pictureOxfam has today released a report on tax dodging by RB, the company formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser and the maker of thousands of well known household products. The report looks at the 2012 restructuring of the company which saw it set up ‘hubs’ in the Netherlands, Dubai and Singapore, all well known corporate tax […]


Half measures mean Mauritius will continue to be a tax haven for the developing world

MauritiusThere was news this week that Mauritius has signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (MLI). This is an initiative from the OECD to allow countries to take measures designed to stop tax avoidance by multinational companies and put them into their existing network of […]


G20: Pressure rising on tax haven USA

HamburgWhilst the eyes of the world focused on the isolation of the US from the ‘G19’ position on climate change, something remarkable played out elsewhere in the process. Following closely the common EU position that we highlighted a few days ago, the G20 communique devotes important space to tax justice. It’s so good we quote […]


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