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Argentina’s Vice President Charged With Bribery abc news
Vice president accused of hiding behind a shell company so he and other secret partners could benefit from unusual tax exemptions and lucrative government contracts.

Zambia Refusing to Release $600 Million in VAT Refunds to Mining Companies Zambia Reports

U.S.: IRS Will Now Accept an ‘I Was Clueless’ Defense for Offshore Tax Evaders Newsweek

South Africa Biggest Losers of Transfer Pricing IOL

Finance Minister: France adamant Bermuda is a tax haven BDA Sun
The Bermuda Finance Minister comments: “There is a stark difference between the way taxes are viewed on this side of the Atlantic and in France. In France taxes are viewed as a moral obligation while over here it is viewed as a legal one.”

Global Christian leaders call on G20 to tackle tax evasion Ekklesia

Message to Jean-Claude Juncker: will you publicly back EU efforts on tax & transparency? Global Witness

Don Quijones: Mini Tax Havens – How Europe’s 1% Gets to Pay Only 1% naked capitalism

Queen’s bank Coutts denies al-Qaeda links The Telegraph
Containers of data from Coutts Cayman, en route to a data centre in Geneva, were seized by German customs officials. Shows how varied are the risks, for a client hoping to hide their financial business, of banking secrecy being broken.

It’s Time for Prince Charles to Join Twenty-First Century Huffington Post
Prem Sikka raises some questions about the latest accounts published by the Duchy of Cornwall (controlled by Prince Charles) and  Prince Charles’ business privileges. The duchy, a “sprawling commercial conglomerate”, is exempt from paying corporation tax on its profits and capital gains tax on profits made from the sale of its assets.

Welcome to London – the dictators’ playground Global Witness

Who is buying up Myanmar’s oil and gas? Global Witness
Infographic showing how ownership of Myanmar’s recently awarded oil and gas blocks is obscured by shell companies.

BNP Paribas braced for $8.9bn fine The Guardian
And the fine could be tax-deductible

Jersey group in campaign to create ‘Bitcoin Isle’ BBC

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bigben-mcbigbenfaceYesterday the Tax Justice Network was in the UK Parliament to launch a report it co-produced with the Public and Commercial Services Union. The report, entitled “HMRC, Building an Uncertain Future” is a study of HMRC’s (the UK tax authority) reform plans which it is calling “Building our Future”. The report published yesterday analysed the […]


Financial secrecy in football: time for action

bigben-mcbigbenfaceEveryone has known for years that football is rotten to the core and financial secrecy is at the heart of the problem. Why then is no one doing anything about it? This post from the Offshore Game project originally features in the Independent. 


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