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US senators say more needs to be done after Credit Suisse conviction The Guardian
See also: Credit Suisse Seen Keeping U.S. Bank License Bloomberg video – talks of the penalty being “political card playing”, in that Credit Suisse are seen to be punished but they are still continuing as a bank in the USA, Credit Suisse Sells $5 Billion of Bonds After Settlement Bloomberg – “Investor demand was very strong” said Credit Suisse global head of debt capital markets, Credit Suisse: what the Swiss media are saying Financial Secrecy Media Monitor, Discredit Suisse: Still Too Big To Jail Global Witness, Credit Suisse’s Guilty Plea: The WSJ Uses the Right Adjective to Modify the Wrong Noun naked capitalism

Australia Talks Anti-BEPS Initiatives Tax-News

New Zealand: the Shell Company Incorporation Franchises (III) and New Zealand: the Shell Company Incorporation Franchises (IV) (and Latvia) naked capitalism

$138 billion offshored from Kazakhstan Tengri News

Tax Breaks Proposed For Russia-China Gas Deal Tax-News

India urges Switzerland to ratify OECD convention on tax info exchange Shanghai Daily
See also earlier blog Switzerland fights to curb scope of global transparency moves (updated)

Be Open To Tax Talks, Vodafone Urges India Tax-News

How Foreign Is Google’s Foreign Cash? Bloomberg View

Junk Economics: New Report Spotlights Numerous Problems with Anti-Tax Economic Model Citizens for Tax Justice

It is getting harder to hide money from Uncle Sam offshore The Washington Post

Austerity is a political decision: Netherlands edition Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

UK: HMRC really do not want to collect corporation tax Tax Research UK

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The Offshore Wrapper: the Panama Papers, one year on

Photos from the Protest outside PwC 1 Embankment Place, part of the Global week of action for tax justiceWelcome to the Offshore Wrapper – your weekly update from TJN.  Happy Paniversary! This week it’s been one year since the Panama Papers were leaked, and a number of organisations around the world have been marking the occasion though the global week of action for tax justice. In London, activists from the TJN and the […]


Protesting PwC: Professionals Without Conscience

Photos from the Protest outside PwC 1 Embankment Place, part of the Global week of action for tax justiceThis week is the global week of action for tax justice and on Wednesday 5th April activists from the Tax Justice Network and Methodists for Tax Justice held a protest outside the London offices of Price Waterhouse Coopers. The global week of action for tax justice is happening one year after the release of the […]


Germany moves forward on corporate transparency

ReichstagThe Bundesrat has today voted to recommend implementing a public register of the beneficial ownership of companies and trusts.  Great news from Germany, as the country takes an important step forward towards corporate transparency.


New estimates reveal the extent of tax avoidance by multinationals

Price Waterhouse CoopersNew figures published today by the Tax Justice Network provide a country-level breakdown of the estimated tax losses to profit shifting by multinational companies. Applying a methodology developed by researchers at the International Monetary Fund to an improved dataset, the results indicate global losses of around $500 billion a year. The figures appear in a […]


Banking Secrecy in China, its related territories and Taiwan

Hong Kong from Sky 100Foreword. The Tax Justice Network is a non partisan network of experts working towards transparency, so we do not take any position about countries’ territorial and political claims. However, we do expect countries with a de jure (legal) or de facto (in practice) influence over other territories, to take responsibility for their power. We point […]


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