Links May 12

Asian logging companies ‘use British islands for tax dodging’ The Guardian
“Calls for crackdown as investigation finds huge Indonesian corporations evading tax through network of secret shell companies in British Virgin Islands and other tax havens.”

New Zealand: the Shell Company Incorporation Franchises naked capitalism

Swiss minister says tax deal with Italy possible by year-end Reuters
Potentially a useless agreement, like Rubik?

Credit Suisse chief urged to quit as tax spat nears end Financial Times (paywall)
Senior politician also saying Switzerland should allow Credit Suisse to fail, that: “The ‘too-big-to-fail’ preparations actually ought to be far enough advanced, that the state doesn’t have to intervene even if the existence of Credit Suisse is at stake”. See also: 2 Banking Giants Implore U.S. Authorities to Go Easy Dealb%k

Oh how beautiful is the tax haven of Panama? Die Welt (In German)

UK research foundation concerned about Pfizer bid for AstraZeneca: FT Reuters
See also recent blog: Pfizer and Astrazeneca merger shows US and UK both lose from UK’s predatory tax regime

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