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G20 to talk tax in Tokyo The Australian

Swiss banks follow the money to Panama swissinfo
Swiss bankers might have been motivated to come to Panama because it’s “where they believe they can better protect the confidentiality of their clients”.’

Swiss freeze CHF170 million in Ukrainian funds swissinfo
Same question as ever: How is it that the the dirty money was accepted into the Swiss banks in the first place?

While New Zealand’s Company Law Reform Stalls, GT Group Helps a Thieving Ukrainian Despot naked capitalism

How Russia Inc. Moves Billions Offshore — and a Handful of Tax Havens May Hold Key to Sanctions Bloomberg

If Europe wants to punish Russia, it should look to its own tax havens Quartz

How worried are Russia’s oligarchs? Enough to pay $236 million for an apartment with no toilet globalpost
For more on One Hyde Park see Nicholas Shaxson’s Vanity Fair article A Tale of Two Londons

Credit Suisse Said Near U.S. Tax Deal for More Than $1 Billion Bloomberg Businessweek
See also: Credit Suisse in talks to pay $1.6 billion in U.S. tax probe Reuters

Barclays to Credit Suisse Battling Banker Exits, U.S. Woes Bloomberg Businessweek

IRS to Tax Dodgers: Your Swiss Accounts Are Safe New Republic
See also: IRS Grants FATCA Transition Period Tax-News

BlackRock leads protest against OECD tax plan Financial Times (paywall)
“BlackRock, Fidelity, Robeco and Pioneer have joined forces with asset management groups and fund associations around the world to persuade the OECD to alter tax proposals they believe could harm investors.”

Countries slow race to bottom on tax competition Financial Times (paywall)
“A study by KPMG, the professional services group, published last week found that nearly one in six countries had cut their corporate tax rates over the past 15 months, but that the size of the cuts was smaller than in the past.”

Ireland To Analyse Tax System’s Impact On Developing Nations Tax-News

Tax Break ‘Blarney’: U.S. Companies Beat the System With Irish Addresses Bloomberg

Irish tax haven activities rise in aftermath of 2013 Apple revelations FinFacts

Corporate Tax Havens: Work Here, Pay Taxes There Bloomberg TV

UK takes on Ireland with lower corporation tax regime The Irish Times

Tyco plans to move HQ to Ireland swissinfo
On: “a growing list of companies that want to move their global headquarters from Switzerland to Ireland.”

Illicit financial flows impeding Zambia’s economy – TJN The Post Online

Court orders review of India’s tax demand from Nokia NDTV

Kazakhstan Announces Tax Breaks For Investors Tax-News

Australia: Profit-shifting by multinational companies costing Tax Office dearly The Sydney Morning Herald

Google pays little tax while Commission of audit goes after poor The Sydney Morning Herald

Canadians’ offshore tax-haven holdings rise 10 per cent, to $170-billion The Globe and Mail

Tax avoidance is back, at cost to us all Tax Research UK

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