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The political capture of rich countries in the fight against tax havens Oxfam France (In French)
Ahead of the OECD’s annual Forum in Paris, launch of a new report Arrangements Between Friends: Flaws in the OECD’s Plan of Action Against Tax Havens

India: Finance Minister Chidambaram warns Switzerland for concealing tax evasion info Business Today

Kleptocrats hiding funds in the US warned ‘we will find you’ ICIJ

Dutch central bank says trust office performances are ‘worrying’ Dutch News
See also recent blog Mailbox companies and human rights: the Dutch connection

Guernsey Wary Of Publicizing Ownership Information Tax-News

Uncontained: Trade is the weakest link in the fight against dirty money The Economist

Google rejects Australia tax reports Brisbane Times

Tax competition is not like anything else Tax Research UK

The Firepower of the Financial Lobby
Survey of the size of the financial lobby at the EU level reveals there are over 1700 financial lobbyists – four for every financial civil servant. Published by the Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), The Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) and The Austrian Trade UnionFederation (ÖGB)

U.S. CEOs resist country-by-country tax reporting -survey Reuters

The cat-and-mouse world of US tax BBC

Pfizer’s designs on AstraZeneca stir tax envy among rivals Reuters

Tax code loopholes favor large businesses over small The Des Moines Register

Mutual Funds industry gears up to comply with FATCA The Economic Times

Swiss Cantons Agree Corporate Tax Improvements Tax-News

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