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“Why is the government reluctant to share the names of Indian tax evaders having accounts in LGT Bank in Liechtenstein with the Supreme Court even when it amounts to contempt of court?”. See also: Black money: Names of 18 foreign bank account holders revealed NDTV

Goldman, Morgan Stanley hand over tax-probe info Market Watch

The irony of America’s new global kleptocracy swat team Quartz

Ghana: CSOs call for transfer pricing regulations in mining sector Ghana Web

Ending Tax Incentives & Opinion on Tax Incentives TV-Ghana

Venezuela, Panamá and Argentina, those with the most capital flight El País (In Spanish)
Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

UK Chancellor Osborne ratchets up pressure on offshore tax evaders Financial Times (paywall)
“HM Revenue & Customs is writing to 2,000 taxpayers with overseas bank accounts, ahead of the agreement on automatic information exchange to be signed in October, under a deal struck on Monday by the finance ministers of Europe’s largest countries.” Not entirely convincing based on the UK Government’s track record so far, as explained here.

Isle of Man Considers Beneficial Ownership Registry Tax-News
See also recent blog On Britain’s new honesty box for corporate fraudsters, and UK public registry of company ownership: secrecy jurisdiction reactions Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Ukraine conflict weighs on Swiss commodities sector swissinfo

Oracle paid just €11m tax on Irish turnover of €7bn Independent

Bad news put UBS on post-crisis front pages swissinfo

WSJ: Master Limited Partnerships and Hedge Funds Are Too Complicated to Be Audited TaxProf

Bill Black: Corporate CEOs Demand That They be Tipped Off When a Whistleblower Reports Their Crimes naked capitalism

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