Links Apr 17

Comments received on discussion draft on Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy published OECD

NY regulator subpoenas Credit Suisse in U.S. tax probe: source Reuters

Switzerland news: Nostalgia for the golden days of foreign tax abuse from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Banque Syz Urges Swiss to Keep Diverse Wealth Hub in Switzerland Bloomberg

Switzerland Passes Anti-Tax Evasion Bill Mondaq

Make sure Barclays gets the message ActionAid
See also petition with Sum Of Us: Barclays: Stop encouraging clients to use tax havens in Africa., recent TJN blog Barclays: Behave! and Barclays in the news in South African Banks Fined After Money-Laundering Probe Bloomberg

Ireland: Taxman nets €1bn in offshore bank accounts investigation Independent

The future of the Irish corporation tax regime Cayman Financial Review

Use Tax To Distribute Wealth, Says Bulgarian Ex PM Tax-News

Pakistan publishes list to embarrass tax cheats into paying up Reuters

Protesters target Apple for offshore tax shelters SFGate

Starbucks HQ relocation to UK ‘will generate negligible tax revenue’ The Guardian
“Tax campaigners question benefits of move from Netherlands where firm’s office is little more than ‘conduit or moneybox’.” See also: On Starbucks, territorial taxation and the creation of tax haven UK Tax Research UK

Montenegro: Football, Politics, and Cocaine OCCRP – Unholy Alliances

Canadian Tax Execs Challenge Treaty Shopping Plans Tax-News

Tax Havens Leave U.S. Filers $1,259 Tab Each, Report Says Bloomberg

Sending Money On An Overseas Round Trip To Avoid Taxes NPR

In Mexico, you can pay taxes with art The Washington Post

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