Links Apr 15

EU: Šemeta In Final EU Tax Harmonization Push Tax-News

Offshore companies banned from Bulgarian agriculture land ownership

Nigeria, Other African States Seek World Bank’s Assistance on Illicit Financial Flows This Day Live

Sierra Leone tax breaks put foreign investment ahead of poor, say NGOs The Guardian

URA casts global net – Multinational tax evaders in trouble as Uganda joins anti-tax fraud body The Independent

Banks In Germany Could Face Anti-Tax Evasion Sanctions Tax-News

Is Corporation Tax A Human Rights Issue? Business & Human Rights in Ireland

FDI from Mauritius to India nearly halves during April-January NDTV

U.S.: This is the location of tens of billions of dollars that won’t be declared to the IRS today Quartz

U.S.: Looking at Some Corporate Tax Loopholes Ordinary Citizens May Envy Dealb%k

Belgium To Strike FATCA Deal With US Tax-News

Austria banking news: When tax scheming comes home Financial Secrecy MediaMonitor

Berlusconi’s Tax-Fraud Prison Sentence Commuted to Service With Elderly Bloomberg Businessweek

Can You Use Bitcoin For A Tax Haven? Bloomberg

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