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UK demands exemption from EU trust registry plan STEP
The UK government has confirmed that it will oppose clauses in the EU’s Fourth Money Laundering Directive that would force all trusts to identify their beneficiaries in publicly accessible registries.

EU tax policy: achievements and way forward
Press release by Algirdas Šemeta, Commissioner responsible for Taxation and Customs Union, Statistics, Audit and Anti-fraudMost Chileans want miners to pay more taxes Mineweb / Reuters

Mining investor says Congo is cleaning up its act Mining Weekly
Cites CEO of major foreign mining company Fleurette saying that “plans to raise mining taxes could deter investors in a country where massive infrastructure challenges remain.” Fleurette holds Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler’ mining and oil interests in Congo: “Anti-corruption campaigners criticise Gertler for close ties to Kabila and an opaque network of offshore companies that control his Congo interests.”

India: MNCs line up for transfer pricing pacts with tax authorities The Economic Times

Jersey news: New promotional brochure seeks to attract Russian offshore business. Ukrwhat? Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Ireland’s corporation tax averages out ‘at just under 11%’ Irish Times The Irish Times
As a reminder of Ireland’s denial of being a tax haven, see here.

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