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Measuring OECD Responses to Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries
Report examines OECD’s members progress in tackling money laundering and transnational financial crime. See also: Money laundering, bribery and tax evasion: how to freeze illicit flows The Guardian

Tax: OECD’s Gurría welcomes international progress towards automatic exchange of information
See also: Early adopters commit to new tax info exchange by 2017 Compass Cayman

Exclusive: Pascal Saint-Amans defends OECD’s Common Reporting Standard despite loopholes identified by TJN International Tax Review (subscription)
See TJN’s report entitled OECD’s Automatic Information Exchange Standard: A watershed moment for fighting offshore tax evasion?, and recent blog highlighting a major loophole.

ActionAid calls on African Union to take action to end tax dodging

Tax Coalition Chief: Bahamas Must Be ‘Low Tax’ Tribune242
On recommendations for the Bahamas to position itself as a ‘low tax’ jurisdiction following the examples of Singapore and Luxembourg, and noting that “no tax” jurisdictions will become unsustainable in the next decade. For more on the Bahamas situation, and as it relates to the wider tax haven issue, see here, here, and here.

Data leaks: Going overboard – The British Virgin Islands get tough The Economist
Following the ICIJ data leaks – “The islands have now come up with cybercrimes legislation that slaps a prison term of up to 20 years and a possible $1m fine on anyone, in any country, who leaks or publishes leaked information about a BVI offshore company.” See also: International Press Institute presses for changes to British Virgin Islands bill Journalists could face jail time, fines under cybercrime draft law

Revealed: UK conservative peer Lord Blencathra’s lobbying contract for tax haven Cayman Islands The Independent
See also: Evidence on Cayman Islands lobbying that is worth a second look The Independent

Swiss set to make British ex-UBS banker head of financial regulator Reuters

China likely to seek personal tax details worldwide, say analysts South China Morning Post
“Hong Kong may feel effect of any new law to uncover financial information”. See also: For Americans in China, the Taxman Cometh The Wall Street Journal

Tax havens dying concept: tax commissioner The Australian
See also: ATO launches amnesty for offshore tax evaders ABC

UK: MPs tell Barclays’ tax haven to get out of Africa The Telegraph

The Political Economy of Offshore Jurisdictions

Mixed results for offshore centers, survey shows Compass Cayman

More multinationals head for tax haven The Sydney Morning Herald

Internet groups face global tax crackdown Financial Times (paywall)

Corporate Tax Explorer
Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy’s one-stop shop for the state and federal data they analyze on corporate taxes.

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New Report: HMRC’s “Building our Future” programme

bigben-mcbigbenfaceYesterday the Tax Justice Network was in the UK Parliament to launch a report it co-produced with the Public and Commercial Services Union. The report, entitled “HMRC, Building an Uncertain Future” is a study of HMRC’s (the UK tax authority) reform plans which it is calling “Building our Future”. The report published yesterday analysed the […]


Financial secrecy in football: time for action

bigben-mcbigbenfaceEveryone has known for years that football is rotten to the core and financial secrecy is at the heart of the problem. Why then is no one doing anything about it? This post from the Offshore Game project originally features in the Independent. 


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