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Google Take Down Stuart Syvret Blogspot Rico Sorda
“The Jersey oligarchs and their protectors in London think that they can do what no corrupt regime around the world had been able to do – and keep embarrassing exposures about them off the world wide web.” See also our recent blog Big Newsweek exposé on human rights abuses in tax haven Jersey

UN Panel: Corporate Tax Avoidance Is Africa’s Biggest Financial Drain ICIJ

Put a stop to money launderering – The European Parliament must put an end to anonymous shell companies TJN Germany Blog

Cayman: ‘PPM too quick on FATCA’ Cayman News Service

Sounding the Tax Alarm, to Little Applause The New York Times
“… one banker warned of possible retaliation by powerful people in Switzerland if he declared his holdings to American tax officials.”

South Korea a veritable tax break paradise for chaebol The Hankyoreh

Only 2million pay tax Modern Ghana
“Ghana government collects taxes from only two out of the six million eligible taxpayers”, and has a population of 25 million.

The Surge In Chinese Exports Has Some Worried That Over-Invoicing Has Made A Comeback Business Insider

India seeks to cancel $2 billion Vodafone tax dispute resolution talks: memo Reuters

US firms ‘paid effective tax rate of 2.2% in 2011’ The Irish Times
Research paper by Prof James Stewart, associate professor in finance at Trinity College Dublin challenges government claims that effective corporation tax rates in Ireland are just below the headline rate of 12.5 per cent. The effective tax rate in the PwC report frequently cited by Irish government “is based on a hypothetical Irish company that sells ceramic flower pots and has no imports or exports”.

Even Among the Richest of the Rich, Fortunes Diverge The New York Times
“… the richer you are, the more you have pulled away”.

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