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OECD BEPS work for consultation in March Accountancy Live

BEPS next major tax initiative to impact Cayman Compass Cayman

Ukraine: Yanukovych’s “family business” links him to Russia Business News Europe
Investigation into a web of connections and money flows involving holding structures in Austria, Liechtenstein and the UK. See also:
Austria Calls Swiss Tax Deal A ‘Resounding Success’ Tax-News

Swiss Banks Seek Tax Amnesty as Third Accept U.S. Offer Bloomberg

Netherlands news: Swiss bank ultimatum to clients with hidden accounts Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

The Quest for Non-Resource-Based FDI: Do Taxes Matter? IMF

Spain wants higher tax revenue from companies – minister Reuters

U.S.: Companies Fleeing Taxes Pay CEOs Extra as Law Backfires Bloomberg
See also video report: Companies Flee U.S. Tax System

A tax break that encourages bad behavior The Washington Post

Internet Firms and Taxes: Patch-Up Job CFO

The Highlights of “ChinaLeaks” ICIJ

UK: Finance Bill to impose advance penalties on dubious tax planning STEP

Is Opposing FATCA Supporting Tax Evasion? Forbes

U.S.: Tax Evasion over Last Decade Cost U.S. $3.09 Trillion [Infographic] IVN

Attorney: KPMG settles with client over illegal tax shelters

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