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Davos Secrets: Swiss Trade Opacity and Illicit Flows from Developing Countries Center for Global Development
See also
comment by the president of Guinea At Davos, the west must help us root out corruption in Africa The Guardian, and our blog Why is Davos held in the world’s top illicit money centre?

Who’s Who In China Leaks ICIJ

See also: China ‘FATCA’ obliges mainland residents to declare offshore assets IFC Review
New reporting requirement took effect 1st January, 20 days before the ICIJ released their China report

British Virgin Islands: Recent visit by high-level delegation from Shenzhen cast in new light Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

U.S.: Republican Party to vote for repeal of U.S. anti-tax dodging law Reuters

The seven internet giants pay only EUR million in taxes in Spain El País (In Spanish)
Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

Taxing times: the disconnect between brand image and tax policies The Guardian

UK: Treasury anger over Margaret Hodge ‘grandstanding’ BBC

Arrested Vatican prelate in new money laundering charge Reuters

Exclusive: HSBC still in regulators’ crosshairs over money-laundering Reuters

‘Cultural Issues’ Determine Attitude To Tax Planning, Say Accountants Tax-News

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