Links Jan 22

Swiss banks devise new ‘cash’ strategies for clients Zee News

Swiss Bankers Welcome Formation Of Tax Expert Group Tax-News

Argentina’s White List Now Available Tax-News
Bizarrely: “Needless to say, many reputable offshore centers such as Jersey, Singapore or the British Virgin Islands are included in the white list.”

Latin America: Tax revenues continue to rise, but are low and varied among countries, according to new OECD-ECLAC-CIAT report OECD

UK HMRC issues letters to Cayman Islands evaders Accountancy Age

Bahamas Urged: ‘Be Ahead Of Pace’ In Finance Crime Fight Tribune242
See also our recent blog The Bahamas – Another Captured State?

Liechtenstein, Austria Hail Tax Deal “A Success” Tax-News

Why tax shelters are un-Zionist Haaretz

Singapore news: Private banks say increased customer background checks “bitter pill to swallow” Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Dubai Regulator Strengthens Links With Hong Kong and Asia CPI Financial

Billionaire Italian heiress accused of hiding 1,243 properties from tax authorities euronews

The world’s corporate cash piles are the surest sign that the private sector is failing us all Tax Research UK

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