Links Jan 21

Call to tear up treaties with tax havens Canberra Times

Not enough money for welfare? Then why the amnesty for the richest tax avoiders, Australia? The Guardian

Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world The Guardian

Davos debates income inequality but still invites tax avoiders The Guardian

Is the OECD about to cave in to Google and Amazon? Tax ResearchUK

Silicon Valley fights to keep its Dutch Sandwich and Double Irish loopholes arstechnica

Finland: Finance minister calls for probe of tax havens Yle

Swedes Seek Regime Change as Tax Cuts Turn Into Poison Pill Bloomberg
“Swedes are preparing to punish the government for cutting their taxes.”

Brazil clarifies its position on transfer pricing World Finance

The Bankers’ Mayor: How the Mayor has lobbied for the City and why he should lobby for London

Fat cat opponent named European of the Year swissinfo

Hollywood sticks with Swiss banker ‘caricature’ swissinfo

Financial Jargon Buster Transparency International

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